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Why Fluoride Treatments are Good for Kids

Why Fluoride Treatments are Good for Kids

Many people don't realize that fluoride is actually a naturally occurring mineral. It can be found in plants and soil, as well as both saltwater and freshwater. By the early 1960, cities in the U.S. had largely added low levels of fluoride to water supplies. This fluoridated water strengthens enamel, which helps to prevent cavities and keep teeth healthy.

Teeth should receive a sufficient amount of fluoride to ensure that they remain in excellent condition. Fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste should provide your child with enough of this important mineral to help stave off cavities. Your child's pediatric dentist can also provide fluoride treatments as a supplement. Here's a look at why fluoride treatments are good for children.

Prevent Cavities

On the outer layer of teeth, you'll find enamel, which is thin and translucent. Healthy enamel plays a critical role in cavity prevention. With a proper amount of fluoride, enamel more effectively adheres to teeth, thus reducing the risk of cavities.

Avoid Preventable Dental Procedures

With healthy fluoride levels, there's a significantly lower risk of major dental problems developing. Many children experience heightened anxiety around procedures as common as getting fillings. By getting a healthy amount of fluoride, while also regularly brushing and flossing, there's a better chance that your child will be able to avoid certain procedures that could cause them anxiety.

Natural & Safe Protection

There are some unfounded myths about fluoride that are still told in some circles. But it's important to listen to your dentist and not to hearsay. Fluoride was not invented in a lab. Rather, it is found in abundance in nature, and you already consume it in foods such as grapes and spinach.

Returns Minerals to Teeth

Teeth should have healthy amounts of calcium and phosphorus. However, acid-producing bacteria can break down these beneficial minerals, which can then lead to damage to tooth structure. Fluoride encourages remineralization, making fluoride treatments a great way to restore mineral content and reverse damage caused by acid-producing bacteria.

If your child needs dental care, be sure to get in touch with a reputable pediatric dentist. For fluoride treatments in Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, and Chandler, AZ, the trusted name is Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry at (480) 637-4186. Feel free to give Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry a call today to make an appointment!

Posted: June 8, 2021