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Tips To Prepare Your Child for Dental Surgery

Tips To Prepare Your Child for Dental Surgery

While it's no day at the park, children's dental surgery is a necessity if your child suffers from major dental problems. Read on for tips on how to prepare your child and make the procedure as smooth as possible.


Your child may benefit from sedation during their surgery based on the type of procedure they're having. At Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry, we offer three types of sedation: nitrous oxide/laughing gas, liquid medication, and general anesthesia. Talk with your dentist about the best type of sedation for your child. Depending on the type of sedation, your child will be put on a restricted diet before surgery. Your dentist will let you know what they can and can't have leading up to their procedure.

What To Bring the Day Of

Before you arrive at the dentist's office, make sure you have your child's insurance card and any other necessary medical information. It is helpful to organize everything in a folder or binder for easy access. We recommend having your child wear comfortable clothes for their procedure; they might be in the dentist's chair for several hours! As for you, having a book or magazine will keep you entertained during surgery.


After a procedure, your child may be feeling drowsy or a little emotional. Having their favorite stuffed animal or blanket on hand can bring them some comfort. Make sure not to pencil anything into your agenda for after a dental procedure; it's best to bring your child straight home to relax. Make sure you have all dentist-recommended food or drinks stocked up beforehand to avoid a last-minute trip to the store.

If your child needs dental care, be sure to get in touch with a reputable pediatric dentist. For dental treatments in Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, and Chandler, AZ, the trusted name is Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry at (480) 637-4186. Give Sweet Tooth Pediatric Dentistry a call today to schedule your appointment!

Posted: July 11, 2021