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5 Types of Food & Drink that Are Bad for Your Child's Teeth

5 Types of Food & Drink that Are Bad for Your Child's Teeth

While it's certainly fine to give your child the occasional sugary snack, this should be more of a special treat than a part of the daily diet. Sugary and acidic foods wear down enamel, which will make your child's teeth more prone to cavities. Here are five kinds of food and beverages that are bad for children's dental health.

Chewy Candy

While all candy should be limited, chewy, high-sugar candy is especially problematic because it sticks to teeth. When the sticky bits cling to your child's teeth, the high sugar content is a serious problem for enamel health. Examples of the type of candy that should be minimized include Starburst, gummy bears, and Skittles.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods---such as pasta, bread, rice, chips, and cereal---are best consumed in moderation. While it's fine for them to be a part of the daily diet, you'll just want to make sure your child isn't eating them excessively. When starchy foods get stuck in teeth, they can convert to sugar and increase the risk of cavities.

Acidic Fruits

Citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit, are high in acid, which can wear down enamel. Having a fresh orange as a daily snack is just fine, but, again, moderation is important. And you'll definitely want your child to avoid drinking a heavy amount of fruit juice, which tends to be highly acidic.

Dark Sodas

Because of their extremely high sugar content, all sodas pose a hazard to your child's dental health. But dark sodas are particularly bad because they may also stain your child's teeth.

Sports Drinks

While sports drinks are marketed as being good for health, they still tend to contain a lot of sugar, which erodes enamel. An occasional Gatorade during the Little League game isn't necessarily a problem, but such drinks should be consumed only in moderation.

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Posted: April 10, 2021